Basic Human Needs

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is a way of showing how humans prioritise different needs in their lives. The psychologist Abraham Maslow identified this hierarchy in 1943, and it gives a very good indication of the relevant importance of different needs.

The theory is that the needs at the bottom of the pyramid are the most compelling. If they're not met, our whole focus is on getting those needs met, and none of the higher needs are even considered.

The needs at the bottom of the pyramid are our survival needs: food, water and shelter. They are the primary needs, and if we don't have those, nothing else matters.

The next category on the pyramid are our safety needs. (This means that we'll compromise our safety in order to get food. And that makes sense - fishermen going out on rough seas, for example, or cavemen hunting big mammoths even at their own risk.)The need for food, water, shelter and safety are very primeval needs. Our very survival depends on meeting those needs.
In the modern day jungle as well Roti, Kapda and Makaan decides you survival and your placement in the social spectrum.
This is an attempt to start discussion around these basic needs of humans. An attempt to understand problems and challenges of people trying to meet these in the City-jungle.

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