Moslows Theory (Present Continuous Tense)

Across the spectrum of acquaintances one makes in daily life, you come across multiple perspectives and remedies

Everyone is trying to crack the code on his own individual level. Everyone has their own set of beliefs based on occurrences which have cemented their conclusions

Be it his belief in the almighty or the name he chooses to give his belief

But if you look closely however opposing our approaches towards our outlook be, suave or uncouth we all have the same drivers in our life.

A research documentary done by BBC concluded that one of the two things contestants were willing to trade their lifes for (even with the devil) was money

The second thing we shall discuss on another forum; So, when our vices, interests or goals (put in the ascending order with an effort to make it positive) are the same why would we as a society choose to be so pretentious about it and look away from what we are trying to do here

Be it your Boss or your skip level reporting authority, all of us share something with each other’s basic phyche .

You and your neighbour (figuratively speaking) do not have goals which are opposites and neither are they at loggerheads with each other at any juncture

But the way you act or react to situations can be opposite and in some unfortunate instances you may even have to confront each other over the same goals

If looked at with the intensity required to address the issue


Or Moslows theory is in motion in the present continuous tense

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