Top 3 places to hangout in Pune

One of the basic survival necessity of the city life is to unwind yourself regularly from the rat race you face daily. Everyday even when we’re exhausted from work, we end up doing more as there’s never an end pile of it. Often we also think that in a edgy world we live in today, we don’t deserve a break. But this not only causes us give up completely physically after a certain point but also takes a great toll on our mental well being. In longer run, we start losing out any extra edge we have on others in this survival war. Just like the way it’s considered important to be active and work, it’s also equally important to unwind, relax and take time for yourself and your loved ones on regular intervals.

Thankfully, Pune offers a variety of options to make your weekend a great ones. Here are our top three choices to enjoy your time with your loved ones.


  1. Koregaon Park:  This area has been destination of choice for people seeking spiritual solace and merry making since the time Legendary Spiritual Guru OSHO made it his adobe. If you really want to see the way Pune parties, head to Koregaon Park on a weekend. With many old favorites of the town such as High spirits, The Sheesha Cafe, One Lounge, Hard Rock Cafe, and many more well-known destinations in this area. This makes Koregaon Park our numero uno choice to hang out in Pune.

  2. Balewadi High Street: Balewadi High Street has transformed into an iconic hangout area in a very short span of time. For true lovers of food and fine-dine, there is always Balewadi High Street. From Kinki and Gong for oriental food to Rustom Batliwala and the Urban Foundry for the lovers of eclectic fusion cuisine. However, even if you just want to have a good old time; there are the good old favorites such as Apache, Incognito or Tertullia.

  3. Viman Nagar:  Viman Nagar is an affluent neighborhood in the eastern corridor of Pune. The places like Hidden place, REtox, Flying Sauced Skybar, Backstage, Apache, Rude lounge and Atmosphere 6 makes Viman Nagar a paradise for the people who are seeking a weekend unwinding from their daily hectic routine.

I hope you enjoy these places as much as I do. If you want to add any other area, places you love to hangout at, please do mention them in comment section.

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